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Introduction to a person RENWUJIESHAO CHUSHENG JIATINGBEIJING JIAOYU SHENGPINGJINGLI CHENGJIUHEPINGJIA XIEZUOBUZOU GAI-MAO-YU-PING-PING 1、GAIKUANG:age , sex , birth-place, background 2、WAIMAO:appearance ,character , hobby 3、JIAOYU:education 4、SHENGPING:big events in one’s life 5、PINGJIA:evaluation 1、GERENGAIKUANG Was/were born in …(place) on..(date) At the age of… The son of a poor family Was born into a peasant/intelligent family /a family of scholars (NONGMIN;ZHISHIFENZI;SHUXIANGMENDI) Live /lead a happy/difficult life 2、XINGGEcharacter 3.education CHUSHENGZAIPINKUJIATINGDEDIGENGSIZHISHOUDAOHENSHAOJIAOYU ZHUCONGJU: DINGYUCONGJU: Charles Dickens, who was born in a poor family, hadlittle schooling. FEIWEIYU: 1)GUOQUFENCICHONGDANGDINGYU,XIUSHIQIANMIANMINGCI Charles Dickens, born in a poor family, had little schooling. 2)GUOQUFENCICHONGDANGZHUANGYU,BIAOYUANYIN Born in a poor family, Charles Dickens had little schooling. 4.Big events 1)be interested in… /be fond of… 2)work hard at… 3)serve as… 4)devote his lifetime/oneself to… 5)concentrate oneself on… 6)do research about/ into… 7)make up one’s mind to do sth. 8)do sth with great determination and perseverance 9)be strict in sth 10)have a …way of doing sth 11)try one’s best to do sth. 12)encourage sb to do 13)fight for/ give up one’s life for sb/sth 14)win a prize/the first prize in …competition 15) receive/obtain/win the Nobel Prize for… 16) be good at… .do well in… 17)be crazy about… / enjoy …    18)make rapid progress in … 19)set a new world record of … 20)equal/break the world record 21)win (won) a gold /silver/ bronze medal 22)win the xxth place 23)be selected to/ become a member of… 24)study hard / train hard 25)go through hardship 26)have a gift/ talent for …(language) 27)realize one’s dream 28)overcome many difficulties GAOKUN,1933NIAN11YUE4RICHUSHENGYUSHANGHAIYIGEFUYUJIATING,CONGXIAODUIZUOBUTONGDESHIYANCHANSHENGNONGHOUXINGQU。 DINGYUCONGJU: Gaokun, who was born in a rich family on Nov.4th,1933, show great interest (was interested) in doing different experiment during his childhood. FEIWEIYU(DINGYU) Gaokun, born in a rich family on Nov.4th,1933, show great interest (was interested) in doing different experiment during his childhood. FEIWEIYU(ZHUANGYU) Born in a rich family on Nov.4th,1933, Gaokun show great interest (was interested) in doing different experiment during his childhood. TAYU1957NIANZAILUNDUNNIANDAXUE,BINGYU1963NIANHUODEBOSHIXUEWEI。 BINGLIEJU: He studied in a university in London in 1957, and received a doctor’s degree in 1963. After he studied in a a university in London in 1957, received a doctor’s degree in 1963 ZHUCONGJU: In 1957, He studied in a university in London, where he gained a doctor’s degree in 1963. FEIWEIYU: Having studied in a university in London in 1957, he gained a doctor’s degree in 1963. 5. Evaluation 1)one of the best/ most important … SHIZUIZHONGYAODE/ZUIJIAZHIYI 2)set a good example for… WEI…ZUOLEHAOBANGYANG 3)a model teacher/worker YIGEMOFANJIAOSHI/YUANGONG 4)be respected by everyone BEISUOYOURENZUNJING 5)speak/ think highly of… GAODUPINGJIA 6)be honored as (an excellent athlete) BEIYUWEI(YOUXIUYUNDONGYUAN) 7)his hard work brought him great success TADENULIGONGZUOWEITADAILAILEJUDADECHENGGONG 8)he is the pride of China. TASHIZHONGGUODEJIAOAO 9)His heroic story spread all over the city TADEYINGXIONGSHIJICHUANBIANZHENGGECHENGSHI 10)make great contributions to… WEI…ZUOCHUJUDAGONGXIAN 11)Consistency/Perseverance is the key to success. JIANCHISHICHENGGONGDEMIJUE 12)be famous/known as be regarded as YIN…ZHUMING/BEICHENGWEI… 13)become a world champion at …Championships …CHENGWEISHIJIEGUANJUN 14)remember sb forever …YONGCHUIBUXIU 15)a new chapter of history has been turned JIANGFANKAILISHIXINDEYIYE 16)Lei Feng has been praised for his communist spirit. LEIFENGYITADEGONGCHANZHUYIJINGSHENBEIZANYANG SAN、RUHESHIWENZHANGLIANGUAN?(GUODUCIDESHIYONG) 1) SHIJIAN: soon, then, suddenly, meanwhile, before, after, earlier, in the morning, afterwards, later, immediately, next, the other day, nowadays, gradually… 2) KONGJIAN: above, below, up, down, under, near, far from, in front of, behind, beside, beyond, on the right/left, around, inside, outside, opposite to, next to, on top of, across... 3) LIEJU: for example, such as, first(ly), second(ly), finally, besides, apart form, for one thing…for another thing … 4) BIJIAO: like, unlike, on the contrary, in contrast to, on the one hand…on the other hand, than, not so…as…, as…as…, while, similarly, the former, the latter, some…others, one…the other, compared with… 5) LUOJIGUANXI: a. BINGLIE:and, as well as, also… b. ZHUANZHE:but, however, yet… c. DIJIN:besides, apart from, in addition, what’s more, furthermore, moreover, to make things worse d. YUANYIN:because, because of, as, since, for that reason… e. JIEGUO:so, therefore, thus, as a result… f. RANGBU:though, although, in spite of… WAIMAO;XINGGE(QIAOYONGwithDINGYU) Liang Zhiyong is a near-sighted boy with a pair of glasses on his nose. Yang Yang is good-looking with long hair. He Zety is a tall and thin guy with thick eyebrows ,looking very handsome. SHENGPINGJINGLI(JINLIANGYONGFUHEJU,DAOZHUANG,FEIXIANZHIXINGDINGYUCONGJUDENG) Not only Hou Yaowen is interested in science ,but also he has a gift for music. Zu Longtao set a new world record of swimming , which makes a great contribution to China. PINGJIA(YUNYONGDONGCI,XINGRONGCIDENGDUANYU) JIARUNISHIJIZHE,ZUIJINDUIZAIHUAWAIGUOZHIYUANZHEJINXINGCAIFANG SHIJIAN:SHANGZHOUMO DUIXIANG:ZHONGGUONONGCUNJIAOSHUDEZHIYUANZHELUANKE ZHUTI:ZHIYUANZHEZHILU NEIRONG:1968NIANSHENGYUDEGUOHANBAO 1990NIANXIATIANSANGEYUEDELVCHENGRANGTASHENSHENAISHANGZHONGGUONONGCUN。 CONGJIAOGUOCHENG:1999,ZAIGUANGXIDEYIGENONGCUNCHENGWEIZHIYUANZHE,FAXIANZHONG      GUOJIACHANGZHIZHONGSHICHENGJIQUEHUSHIHAIZIDETIANXINGHEXINGQU。 JIAOYULINIAN:RUGUOYIGERENZHISHIWEILEBIERENDELINIANERSHENGCUN,TAJIU YONGYUANZHAOBUDAOZIJIDEFANGXIANGHELILIANG。 Last week, I am very lucky to interview a foreign volunteer teaching in rural China, Eckart Loewe, talking about his way of volunteering. Eckart Loewe, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1968, began to love the countryside of Guangxi after 3-month tour (3 months’ tour) in China in the summer of 1990. Since 1999, he has been a volunteer teacher in a village there. During teaching in China, he finds that Chinese parents always pay attention to their children’s grades, but ignore their natures and interests. In his opinion, if a person lives only for others’ ideas, he will never find the direction and power of himself. Thanks!






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